Apocalypse Now

Hey, there. It’s been a while. I got this question in my email inbox the other day and coincidentally, had just finished watching Season 5 of Supernatural for the first time so I’m back to blogging and helping all of you dress like a Winchester.

Here’s a great request from Charles:

I’m looking for Sam’s green military coat. .mostly noticed in 5×22 swan song…said to converse but I cannot find it. It has 2 chest pockets and right arm pocket.

Usually the boys’ clothing is really easy to pick out because the styles are so classic and they seem to pick from the same brands over and over again. This jacket, however, alluded me. So, I did a little digging. It turns out Sam has been wearing this jacket since Season 2, which dates the clothing back to 207 and so finding the exact jacket was incredibly difficult as styles and designs have changed. However, I found a near-dead ringer for this coat by Lucky Brand. Enjoy!

Lucky Brand Twill Aviator Jacket for $149. I also found the jacket here at a site called 6PM for $89.

The cut of the coat is different as this one has a stitched waistline while Sam’s is a straight cut. The lower pockets also differ from Sam’s original jacket. However, the collar, chest pocket shape and details, and most of all, the zippered pocket on the right arm are right on. I heard about how the costumers on Supernatural cut off the epaulets from one of Dean’s jackets so I could see you doing the same here. Overall, this was my favorite because the details of the coat that saw the insides of “the pit” are just right and can be easily found online and for a great price.

I’d say press it to get rid of that vintage devil-may-care wrinkle out of it that tons of fashion labels love (but I say it needs to go the way of the YED and DIE a slow, painful death) and you’re good to go!

And between you and me, I like how the Lucky Brand jacket gives a nice shape, defining the shoulders and slimming at the waist. Sam’s coat makes him look a little boxy.


Either way, to quote Dean, “chicks dig the danger vibe,” and nothing quite says danger like, “Oh, hey, this is the jacket I wore to hell. No big deal.”

Thank you, Charles, and keep ’em coming!


~ by erinchantress on February 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “Apocalypse Now”

  1. Thanks. Your time and effort is appreciated!

    Found this but I think its wrong

    Also, closest coat I got to pockets is

  2. Also..he uses this coat in season 6 and 7 after having been shot twice…so they have more than 1…I really want this coat Haha…if you youtube “supernatural lucifer vs dean” it gives you a whole view. Also, on that lucky brand site had one pretty similar, ‘cafe’ really matched the fit chest pockets were spot on.

  3. I’ll keep looking for the actual coat! I have a few hunches. There’s a new Converse One Star jacket on Target.com right now and it’s similar. Take a look. 🙂

    • Fantastic, thank you so much…I like Sam’s clothing because we have very similar builds…im 6’3 200lbs while skinny with broad shoulders…so his supernatural wardrobe is like ‘clothes shopping for dummies’ book. Haha

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