Let’s Hear It For The Boys.

This one is for all the guys (or girls out there hoping to drop a subtle hint to their boyfriends) who have noticed that Dean and Sam Winchester, gracing the screen on CW’s Supernatural have great, comfy, and stylish dress sense.

Brother love has never been quite so hot. Maybe it has. But it didn't come with salt guns.

Brother love has never been quite so hot. Maybe it has. But it didn't come with salt guns.

“I am looking for clothes ‘Sam’ and ‘Dean’ wear. Where can i find clothes that look like theirs?”

I was only all-too-pleased to answer this request. Using hints dropped during DVD commentary relating to costuming on the show as well as a well-trained eye, here is how to capture the carefree, laid-back, rough-and-ready Texan cowboy flair the Winchesters embody so well. Be prepared to practice your strut, though, boys. The attitude doesn’t come standard.

Bootcut Jeans!

I would point you towards Wrangler and True Religion to find the bootcut jeans the boys wear. Not only that, but those outfitters could provide you with the flannel shirts both Dean and Sam are so commonly seen in. I am surfing Guess at the moment and found a pair of bootcuts Dean would love here. Be sure to check the other sites for similar cuts and comfortable, faded washes–the boys like to be comfortable when they’re slaying demons, after all!

Lucky Brand is currently having a sale and be sure to check out their men’s tops because I just stopped by their sight and saw an array of shirts both brothers would wear. Guess also has promise if you’re going for a Winchester look such as this style, which is similar to one I’ve seen on Sam.

The Brothers Are Back

The CW © 2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Levi’s eco Twill Jacket (on sale for $79 from $128) looks almost exactly like the one that Dean wears when he decides to switch out his dad’s leather jacket. Also, remember “What Is And What Never Should Be”? That’s also like the jacket he was wearing then, too. Meanwhile, Sam’s denim jacket is also outfitted from Levi’s–called the Trucker Jacket ($68). The younger Winchester also likes shearing jackets and so here is something I’ve seen him wear too: the Sherpa Trucker Jacket in either corduroy or denim ($88).

I Believe They Call This Blue Steel

The CW © 2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Dean’s famous leather jacket is something I’m still working on finding but in the meantime, I have two to show you from Leathermodes: the Lambskin Straight or the Leather Car Coat. This is also something he’d choose: Levi’s 2 Pocket Leather Jacket as you can pop the collar like he does on this style and is military cut which is an obvious choice for John Winchester, an ex-Marine, and as we know, Dean sentimentally wears his father’s hand-me-downs.

The guys like to layer t-shirts and Lucky has a few cool prints they’d pick up here. I’d also suggest Skeledog to pick up a cool tshirt design. Remember Sam’s Greyhound shirt from Season 2? It’s loyal and manly and yet just a little bit morbid…kind of like our favorite Hunters.

Dean's Elephant Charm Bracelet

Dean’s protective charm necklace is available in prop replica off of the WB’s website and AE has some accessories Dean and Sam would wear. Dean would love a leather-band watch like these from the “trend” line of Fossil because it’s edgy yet functional (and probably could stand up to being banged around because you know that guy can’t go an episode without getting his ass kicked :)). Right now, there are eBay listings for replicas of Dean’s elephant hair bracelet that you’d might want to check out too ($14.99).


Jensen Ackles hanging with some "costars." This is Supernatural. They don't mess around. The CW © 2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

As for footwear, I found out that the cast of Supernatural is outfitted with Frye boots and shoes.

Of course, close viewing of this clip, which I readily call Jensen Ackles’ greatest moment on television. Otherwise known as the minute-and-a-half of footage that converted a million fans to the show. The CW should give the guy some goodies for that beautiful bit of PR, is all I’m saying.

So, watch it, and learn boys. And remember: always, always block out your plates before parking in front of the security cameras.

*Atelier Avante cannot be held responsible for any paranormal encounters which proceed dressing like the two most famous Hunters in America.


~ by erinchantress on January 4, 2009.

9 Responses to “Let’s Hear It For The Boys.”

  1. Hey thanks for this posting I’m a guy and I like how those two dress in the show. Do you happen to know what that blue button up (which he doesn’t button up) he wears so often?

  2. Well, we’re very happy to have you come and stop by! Come back again soon!

  3. Hello, this is some great info on this site, I was wondering you you know what brand the jacket is in “Free to Be You and Me” season 5. It shows the tag for a couple seconds while dean is cleaning it. I couldn’t figure it out though, maybe you could. Also on the season 3 special features called “supernatural effects” a guy is talking about putting the blood exploding mechanism in Dean’s Blue jacket, and for 4 or 5 seconds you can see the red and white tag. I was hoping that maybe you could tell me what you think it is. I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you. Thanks a lot!

  4. Hey, I realize this post is a year old and I my not get a response, but my friend is frantically looking for Sam Winchester’s messenger bag that he always stashes his laptop is. We found some screencaps from season 1’s “Hell House” episode that include the bag, but not the actual bag. do you know where to find it? thanks!

  5. hi, listen SAm and Dean Winchester are almost my role models and I am very grateful for this site, If possible just wondering if you could send me any information you find on the jacket Dean always wears (the one in the picture with the collar up on this site) and any other clothes that they tend to wear, please send it to my email – snowy_s_nozball@hotmail.com

  6. Very good written post. It will be beneficial to anyone who usess it, including me. Keep up the good work – for sure i will check out more posts.

  7. I’m looking for Sam’s green military coat. .mostly noticed in 5×22 swan song…said to converse but I cannot find it. It has 2 chest pockets and right arm pocket.

    • Hi Charles! Thanks for your question. I made a post about Sam’s jacket on here. I hope you find it helpful!

      In case you didn’t catch it on the main page, here’s a direct link to the post: https://atelieravante.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/apocalypse-now/

      Also, I checked up on the Converse coat you mentioned and found one from 2008. It’s got the same cut but the details are different (no lower pockets, no zipper pocket on the right arm, buttons instead of zips) so I hope you find my option works out for you! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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